FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


8 Trout Place, off Topsail Rd., Mount Pearl, NL

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Question: Can we pay-per-ride instead of an admission fee for unlimited rides?


We put a lot of thought into offering pay-per-ride or a bracelet pass. We have all been at the Regatta and willingly paid two dollars for one slide on the inflatable slides there. I have two kids of my own, and used two rolls of toonies in 30 minutes on the inflatables last summer, that was $100.00. With so many ride, slide and climb options at Axtion, you will be saving money after 20 minutes, with hours left for unlimited rides.



Question: How much does it cost for a birthday party?


Click here for birthday party information: http://www.axtion.ca/birthdays.html.



Question: For kids birthday parties are they private or do we share the rides with general admission guests.


Birthday bookings will have reserved tables for pizza and cake, but the rides will be shared with the general public. This is common practice for places that host birthday parties like McDonald’s, Movie Theatres, Bowling and Swimming. Rest assured, there are plenty of rides and slides at Axtion to allow each kid to have plenty of turns.



Question: Are you opened year round? Do you do birthday parties all year?


Yes we are open year round. We are not necessarily open every day, but please check our calendar of hours of operation.

Yes we do offer birthday parties year round. Email or call us at 738-4336 for availability.



Question: Do I need a belayers certificate to allow my daughter to climb the rock wall?


No, we use a hydraulic auto belay system, which means a second person holding the rope is not needed. The auto belay takes up any slack in the cable as the climber ascends, and automatically lets out enough cable at the right speed to safely lower the climber to the floor when descending. Kids love the auto belay. This auto belay is used for our rock wall, rescue ladder climb, rope climb or just allowing the kids to scale the meshed exterior of the Spider Mountain. They have just as much fun being lowered slowly and softly via the auto belay as they do climbing the 24 foot ladder to the top.



Question: My child is afraid of heights. Will he have much to do if he does not climb?


Yes, there are plenty of other things to do, but, many children who have told us they were afraid of heights (or the parent told us), have conquered their fear and made it to the top. Our staff is friendly and will encourage the child to climb at a pace that will see accomplishments in no time. Parents have looked up with amazement to see their child 24 feet above the ground, waving, saying, “I did it Mommy, all by myself.” Bring your camera.



Question: Is there a family rate for more than one child?


You can purchase reduced rate admission passes (gift cards) at Costco, two $20 cards for $31.99 or you can purchase 5 passes (gift cards) at Axtion for $100 and get one card free ($16.66 each). Either way these cards can be used as admission, trade in for 6 Axtion Tickets or give as a birthday gift.



Question: What should children wear?


Participants should wear a LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT, SOCKS, and a gym type pant (Nylon, Fleece etc.) DO NOT WEAR JEANS, the dye and studs damage and wear the sliding material on the slides.



Phone: 709-738-4336 or Email: info@axtion.ca