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8 Trout Place, off Topsail Rd., Mount Pearl, NL

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Bumper Boats

These Bumper Boats have the same maneuverability, soft impact and fun as a water bumper boat, but without the water and gas engine. These bumper boats are battery operated and have wheels to operate on the floor.



Cost to ride is one

Axtion Ticket.

Tickets are $5 for one,

or $20 for six.

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Axtionator is Newfoundland's first and only indoor amusement ride. Sit in roller coaster style seating and rotate at the base of the pendulum swing as it swings back and forth getting higher with each swing.


Mild Ride Option: (Min. Height 46"). This ride option will swing back and forth but will not go upside down.


Wild Ride Option: (Min. Height 48"). Wild Ride option will swing you back and forth and over the top for several rotations of G-force fun.


One Axtion Ticket to ride.

Reduced Rate Admission/

Gift Cards available at

Use for your own kids, or as a gift for any kid. Birthday party and Christmas shopping made easy by stocking up with reduced rate cards from Costco.

Two $20 cards for $29.99 plus tax

Axtion Ticket Pricing

One ticket $5

Six tickets $20 ($3.33 each)

36 tickets $100 ($2.77 each)


(Aerial Challenge Course)

This eight obstacle, aerial challenge course will test your fear of heights, hand/eye coordination, and reward you with a zip line ride towards the end. This ride is for ages 7 and up. Yes, adults can ride the Skywalk as well. Closed toe footwear required, sneakers preferred. Adults can ride as well. Maximum weight 200 pounds.


Cost to ride the Skywalk is one Axtion ticket.

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